Reset Recovery

What is Reset Recovery?

Reset Recovery is a strong detox food supplement for daily use and nightly recovery. It contains a combination of selected vitamins and amino acids. During the day your body is exposed to toxins and radicals from food, air, smoke,  beverages etcetera. Radicals are like toxins and compete with and disturb many important processes in your body. Radicals are harmful substances that can change the genetic material.


During the night your body is recovering and your liver is cleansing your body from those radicals. Reset Recovery is a special designed formula which contains glutathione, cysteine and choline. Choline supports the cleansing activity of the liver. It is a combination of strong anti-oxidants and provides your body with the building materials to produce even more anti-oxidants in order to get rid of all the toxins and radicals quicker.

Reset recovery is a two component system developed from the proven recipe of Reset AfterDrink. One dose of Reset Recovery contains one blue capsule and one white capsule. Take one dose of Reset Recovery with a glass of water every day before going to sleep. 

If you have been drinking alcohol you can, depending on your own experience, take a double (2+2), a triple (3+3), a quadruple (4+4) or even a quintuple (5+5) dose of Reset Recovery fresh and sharp the next morning. To prevent dehydration, add some glasses of water.

What are the main ingredients of Reset Recovery?
Your body first converts alcohol into acetaldehyde before it is converted into acetic acid (which is commonly used by your body as a fuel). Acetaldehyde is a toxic and should be removed from your body as quickly as possible. To do this, your body uses glutathione, a peptide you produce yourself and is only available in small quantities as a reserve when it's not needed. When drinking alcohol, this reserve quickly runs out. For this reason, Reset added Glutathione to our product to give your body more of the required ingredients to quickly process the Acetaldehyde.

As mentioned before, Glutathione can be recycled by your body, but not very fast. To help your body to get rid of the acetaldehyde faster, your body needs to make more of the required glutathione. Therefore, three amino acids are needed and cysteine is one them. This amino acid, a nutrient, is not extensively available in your body and could only be obtained via consumption. For example, chicken eggs contain this nutrient, but not in the quantities which are required to speed up the process. Therefore, Reset added cysteine in this food supplement to help your body produce much more Glutathione. By adding Cysteine, the Acetaldehyde can be processed by your liver up to five times faster.

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is used by your body to make small modifications in the cysteine amino acid in order to use it in the right form. It is also commonly used by your body as an anti-oxidant to remove other radicles.

Asparagine is also an amino acid that your liver requires to process alcohol and other degradation products of alcohol. It stimulates the Krebs cycle, also known as the citric acid cycle.

Choline supports the cleansing effect of the liver.

Thiamine B1:
Thiamine is an important vitamin that is also used to help breaking down the alcohol in your body and its waste products. It is also important in other cleansing processes in the liver.

Vitamin B6 and B10:
Both vitamins are also important for the cleansing effect of the liver. Drinking alcohol causes less absorption of these vitamins, which can quickly cause a shortage in your body.