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Reset Recovery | 60 + 60

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2 times 60 capsules

Reset Recovery | 60 + 60

Reset Recovery is a strong detox food supplement for daily use and nightly recovery. It contains a combination of selected vitamins and amino acids. During the day your body is exposed to toxins and radicals from food, air, smoke,  beverages etcetera. Radicals are like toxins and compete with and disturb many important processes in your body. Radicals are harmful substances that can change the genetic material.

Reset recovery is a two component system developed from the proven recipe of Reset AfterDrink. One dose of Reset Recovery contains one blue capsule and one white capsule. Take one dose of Reset Recovery with a glass of water every day before going to sleep. 

If you have been drinking alcohol you can, depending on your own experience, take a double (2+2), a triple (3+3), a quadruple (4+4) or even a quintuple (5+5) dose of Reset Recovery to be fresh and sharp the next morning. To prevent dehydration, add some glasses of water.

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